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Building more homes

In 2014/15, we built 982 homes across the south and south west, from large developments to small rural schemes and for a variety of tenures. This was slightly fewer than we planned to build, mainly as a result of challenges in the housing market, but still a figure that places us amongst the biggest developing associations in the country.

While a third of these homes were built using some government grant, the majority have been built using our own resources, thanks largely to our strong financial position and good relationship with local authorities and housebuilders. 

During the financial year we sold 221 shared ownership homes, which raised £18.5 million in revenue to be reinvested in more new homes.

A crucial factor in the success of our developments is the way different parts of the business work together to ensure residents settle in well. Key to this is our New Neighbourhoods team whose job it is to turn new homes into thriving communities.

Homes built:

  • 438 homes for social rent.        
  • 339 homes for Affordable Rent.        
  • 202 homes for shared ownership.

By the time the government’s 2011-15 Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) ended, we had built a total of 1,383 homes using government funding; that's more than 300 more than our original offer, for no additional grant, which represents great value for the taxpayer.

We've proved that we are not reliant on government funding to build our homes. During the past four years we built 2,114 homes without grant funding, and we'll continue to use our assets, financial strength and good partnerships to maintain a healthy development programme.

We aim to continue building around 1,000 affordable homes a year, including homes for social rent, shared ownership, and expanding our market rent portfolio. These homes will not only meet a growing housing demand, but will help to finance more affordable homes for future residents in years to come.

Hanham Hall

Hanham Hall

We have 63 homes at the award-winning Hanham Hall development in South Gloucestershire, England’s first large zero-carbon development.

Hanham Hall, a Barratt's development being delivered in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), is due to be completed this year and we've been heavily involved in helping the new community come together.


Joint Ventures

Joint partnerships

We're increasingly looking to pursue commercial partnerships, such as the joint venture we're currently engaged in with David Wilson Homes at Kersey Crescent in Newbury.

Now known as Castle View, the development will provide 78 homes ranging from social rent to outright sale.

This kind of commercial venture allows us to combine our skills and experience with housebuilders, as well as sharing the profits to reinvest in more affordable homes.